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Ballet Blue

One Noir night, two lithe young ballet boys were brought together in a Secret Garden. Though not strangers to each other, they embarked on an unknown journey into the wonderful world of burlesque…..And Ballet Blue was born. Comprised of Luke Amour and Oliver Twisted, together they have encountered the heat and dust of Buenos Aires […]

Dastardly D

Lured from the Graveyards of Edinburgh, to once again tread the boards, there comes a mild mannered, follicly challenged young man. Yet beneath this unlikely exterior, there lies an insatiable need to perform to the highest and most glamorous standards – and nothing brings it out like the crowds of Club Noir. It began with […]

Emlyn & His Silver Screen

Young Designer of the Year 2006

Morgan Le Faye

In medieval times her namesake was the sorceress enchantress half-sister of King Arthur. Her powers of seduction are even thought to have beguiled Arthur himself. Our Morgan’s own powers of sorcery are no less. So take no solace in her pretty doll-like appearance, her delicate smile or her diminutive physique. Not only is more than […]

Mr Mundane

Taking his stunning dark good looks from his Romany parentage, Mundane found himself raised laterally in Las Vegas, Nevada by a glamorous, alcoholic showgirl. Hanging backstage most nights, a young and very impressionable Mundane quickly developed a taste for bright lights, beautiful women and hard liquor. Currently residing in the U.K. Mundane is a Tattoo […]

The Great Aldo

The Great Aldo was born on a rainy night in 1842. It was a difficult birth, but remembered mostly for the strangely prophetic comments of the young (and very beautiful) midwife who brought The Little Great Aldo into the world.   “This will truly be a Great Aldo!”, she said, and there were gasps of […]

Lacey Demure

Lacey began her career high kicking and bouncing all around Britain as a gymnast and dancer. Her pin up looks and long legs soon saw her modelling for many fabulous photographers, though it was her love of acting and Film Noir that soon lead her into the wonderful world of burlesque and she hasn’t looked […]

Chelsea Dagger

Classic Hollywood glamour meets girl-next-door charm in the fabulous Chelsea Dagger! She’s the dame whose heart skips to the bebop beat of a time when glamour meant more than a magazine you bought with your groceries and diamonds rather than Dairy Milk were a girl’s best friend. Let her breeze you back to a place […]

Vanity Kills

Vanity Kills – approach her at your peril, and take pleasure in your destruction. If self-preservation is your maxim, then wait for her ruby red lips to part in the sweetest of smiles before coming too close and you will be rewarded, as the icy cool glamour of this femme fatale belies a soft side […]

Daddy Single

(aka Ian Single) is Top Banana of Club Noir and co-owns it with Tina Warren. Together with Tina he is the creative force behind Club Noir since its inception. He’s produced and directed famous TV ads with actors and celebrities as wonderful and diverse as Brigitte Bardot, Tommy Cooper, Elizabeth Hurley, the Brooke Bond Tea […]