Burlesque Workshop 23.7.16

AB CORSET 05This is a fun introduction to being a burlesque showgirl. For those who’d just like to boost their confidence, raise their own levels of performance for their partner, or who seriously wish to perform. This is a whirlwind 2 hours and we’ll touch a little on each of the following: stage presence, character, confidence, clothes removal, makeup and costume, plus more.


The sessions cover confidence, character, clothes removal, makeup, costume, plus more. You want the one tip that will make your face its most beautiful? Or the one tip that will enhance your body the most? You will get those. They are easy, and many can be used immediately that day.


Teachers are experienced, world-class international performers. Yet they are warm, friendly and adept at coaxing out the inner goddess of even the shyest wallflowers. They will have you loving yourself and your wobbly bits that little bit more.


You’ll meet like-minded ladies and may even make some new best friends.


No special clothes are required – just a sense of fun and a willingness to get stuck in. You can choose to be as modest as you wish – we know the tricks to make simply removing just a glove exceedingly sexy.




Saturday 23rd July 4-6


Dance Glasgow, 22 Jamaica Street, Floor 2, Glasgow, G1 4QD



Please email for further details on how to book a place or if you have any queries.


We very much look forward to meeting you. Xx


Here’s what some previous workshop girlies have had to say:


It was a fantastic day Tina thank you so much x well if you call 1999 vintage that’s what we had lol x all our girls had a wonderful time I’ve never seen them laugh sooo much !!! EVER X


Could you pass my thanks on to Tina for the workshop yesterday. My friends and I had a fab time and came away with lots of ideas as to how to add just an extra wee bit of glam! Personally I demonstrated the pole dance your feet up and down a chair leg move and it drove the guy I’m seeing insane. Didn’t even need to remove any clothe


“It was a fantastic day Tina thank you so much x All our girls had a wonderful time I’ve never seen them laugh sooo much !!! EVER X we are all looking forward to seeing you in action in August at the Commonwealth x I would recommend the burlesque workshop to everyone who has forgotten about themselves and how to bring that bit a spark back into their lives x WONDERFUL!!!!!!!”


“Meeting you literally changed my life. With your influence and your burlesque classes, I’ve been incorporating vintage glamour into my daily life ever since. You’re just an all-round inspiration and also one of the kindest people I’ve ever met to boot.”


Still buzzing from Sunday. :) Putting on a show (maybe) for my girlfriends tonight, well telling them all about it at least. I’m floating along on a pink fluffy cloud of loveliness. I’ve always, always been a kind of tomboy and I feel as if I’ve found my inner girl. Thank you thank you. <again> :)

Thank you so, so, so much for yesterday, it was truly spectacular

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for the workshop, it

was great. It really does boost your confidence, & it was nice to get in touch with my feminine side too (which normally never gets a look in!)


I just wanted to write and thank you so much for the workshop on Sunday. I had never in a million years thought it could be possible for me to look the way I did and actually have the confidence to do the performance. I feel more body confident and have gained a bit more self esteem about myself which is something I have long had issues with. I am now actually feeling more happier with my body and even a bit prouder of my curves. So I just wanted to thank you for helping me feel a bit happier than I was before.


Halloween Horror Prom 29.10.16

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