Great Gifts – Vinaceous Wines

VinaceousdClub Noir and Vinaceous Wines, in collaboration with Aussie Rules, bring these exclusive deals on this fantastic range of wines, especially for you! Read on…



Cruella De Vil - Tina Warren

Cruella De Vil – Tina Warren

In the early part of the year comes a chore to many, worse than dieting off the festive pounds; or regaining the festive £££s you’ve spent.  It’s planning a hen party!!  Figuring out what will please the bride, her niece of 18 and gran of 80.  What will make it memorable, fun and stand out. Guaranteed to have everyone laughing and in high spirits.  And doesn’t rely on drink, drink, drink. Club Noir’s burlesque workshops might be just the ticket.  Read on…

Club Noir is biggest burlesque club in the world

Club Noir is the world’s biggest burlesque club. As awarded by Guinness World Records. We achieved this in February 2009 by having 1,600 people at our event.  But we often get more!!