DJ Loveless

Welcome to the strange and twisted world of DJ Loveless. A world where fantasy and reality may blur… and often do.

Known to be the darling of the Las Vegas aristocracy and frequenter of the casino’s of Europe as well as the guest all hostesses must have… and most do, Our idol in question has undergone many disguises and careers through the years from his time as an Edwardian gent in the service of the King to Marilyn Monroe’s personal masseuse he has devoted himself entirely to pleasure and blasphemy (not always in that order).

Rumours and exaggerated tales of his dandy like reputation for custom clothing of the highest quality and style precede him. One day a scarlet pinstripe zoot suit may be the garment of choice followed the next by a rock n roll wardrobe of leather and silver have impressed even the catwalks of Milan & New York during his stint as a male model. This reputation for non conformity only going towards the amplification of his iconic status.

Although like all great enigmas our hero isn’t without his vices and downfalls. His addiction to knife wielding, stiletto wearing, Seamed stocking clad devil girls shall undoubtedly be the cause of his tragic demise, although there will undoubtedly be a wicked smile on his face when the time comes.. and probably the devil girls too.

Currently gracing the stages of the UK as resident DJ with the glittering extravaganza that is Club Noir, The Loveless is using his vast knowledge of sleazy listening to educate and entertain the masses. As crowds of diamante clad damsels and tux wearing troubadours gyrate to his sexy selection of hypnotizing audio delights a phantasmagoric evening unfolds to give his adoring public tales for future generations.

As these evenings come to an end the line of women (at least that what it appears to be from a cursory glance) queuing at the stage door for just a moment with The Loveless has been known to continue down the street although the closest they ever seem to get is a glimpse of him speeding away in his custom hotrod hearse with troupe of bikini clad zombie pole dancers in the back.

Just who is this elusive character? Is Satan really his servant? Is it really whisky that flows through his veins? We may never know, but what we do know is that he’s here to entertain us and long may he reign.

In his own words…
‘I’m not here for a long time, Just here for a good time’.

Photo credits:
Artpunk – leopard shirt
Ruthless Photography – bed